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More Than 50 World War II Explosive Devices Found

Júlia Tar 2021.09.09.

More than fifty World War II explosive devices were found in the meadow of Szajhavölgy, Bakonybél, the Hungarian Defense Forces 1st Bombardier and Warship Regiment announced on their Facebook page.

From far away, it looked like large fish were resting in the Gerence stream, but they were actually rusty explosive devices from World War II. They became visible and more easily approachable now because of the low water level. Although they were rusty, they could still have been dangerous.

WW2 Bomb Neutralised in Budapest
WW2 Bomb Neutralised in Budapest

The bomb was found during construction works and prompted evacuations and restrictions affecting some 10,000 people.Continue reading

The bombardiers found 53 devices altogether. Captain and Patrol Commander, Gábor Zsolnay, determined that the explosives are transportable, and they have already been removed. They are at the central collection point of the Hungarian Defense Forces and will be destroyed later, Lieutenant Milán Gajdos wrote in the Facebook post.

Featured image via the Hungarian Defense Forces 1st Bombardier and Warship Regiment’s Facebook page