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Momentum President Resigns after Losing Vote of Confidence

Júlia Tar 2021.10.11.

After András Fekete-Győr, then-president of the centrist liberal Momentum party finished last in the first round of the primaries, he initiated a vote of confidence against himself. Now that the results are in, he will resign. Anna Orosz, the previous Deputy President of the party, will take his place. Fekete-Győr will stay with the party but in a different position.

Fekete-Győr shared the news in a Facebook post, saying:

…I did not gain the Delegates’ Assembly of the Momentum Movement’s vote of confidence in the light of my result as candidate for prime minister. Therefore, I have resigned as party president. This does not mean, of course, that as the founder of Momentum and one of its leading politicians, I will not do my part in the work that lies ahead: changing the government, changing the system, changing the era.”

He recalled that he had led the movement for the past five years, stating: “I am very grateful for every single meeting, handshake, conversation, the feedback I have received as Momentum’s president representing my community.” Finally, he concluded by saying that “I am sure that the next president and leadership will make Momentum and the new political generation even stronger and more successful. And I will do my best for the success of the next president, Momentum, and the unity. I will be here with you, among you, for you.”

Momentum President Initiates Vote of No Confidence Against Himself after Primaries Failure
Momentum President Initiates Vote of No Confidence Against Himself after Primaries Failure

"We believe that Hungary cannot be a country with no consequences, and Momentum cannot be a party with no consequences," Fekete-Győr explained.Continue reading

Gábor Kerpel-Fronius, a Momentum politician who is also the Deputy Mayor of Budapest, said in a long Facebook post that “this is the end of an era,” and announced that deputy president Anna Orosz would take over the leadership of the party as its president. “Anna is also a long-time member of Momentum, a multiple board member, has been close to the events of the past period, and her personal qualities qualify her to lead the party,” he said, adding:

Those of you who have followed the campaign know how highly I regard Anna’s political achievements and character. Under her leadership, Momentum will be able to tackle the difficult tasks ahead with excellence.”

Momentum is supporting conservative Péter Márki-Zay in the second round of the primaries. The voting process is still ongoing, until October 16th. Even though the party does not have its own candidate running anymore, they will most likely stay busy with the campaign, as Kerpel-Fronius also concluded his post with “and now it’s back to campaigning with renewed vigor!”

Featured image via András Fekete-Győr’s Facebook page