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Minority Party to Continue in the Serbian Government after Elections

MTI-Hungary Today 2023.12.08.

The Hungarians of Vojvodina (Serbia) cannot afford to remain without a united and strong representation of their interests, the acting president of the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians (VMSZ) told M1 news channel on Thursday. The early elections will take place on December 17 in Serbia.

Bálint Pásztor said that the Hungarians of Vojvodina have no alternative to vote for someone else, the the minority party VMSZ has the only Hungarian and Vojvodina list. The party’s acting president said that it was important to remain in government because

no one else will take up Hungarian issues.”

He added that the VMSZ currently has five members in the legislature, and that the minimum target for the forthcoming elections is to reach this number, since this is the minimum number of members required to form a parliamentary group.

Pásztor said that

Serbian-Hungarian relations are excellent, in which the Hungarian government and the Hungarian Association of Vojvodina have a big role to play.

He added that this has enabled joint projects and developments to be carried out between the two countries, mentioning the Szeged-Subotica railway line as an example.

In order to continue this work and cooperation, the Hungarian community in Vojvodina has to vote, he stressed.

Zoltán Lomnici Jr., constitutional lawyer and consultant of the Századvég Foundation, was also a guest on the program. He said that from the electoral point of view,

the Serbian system is clearly “developed, democratic, and European,” and provides more opportunities for minorities to enter parliament than in neighboring countries.

He stressed that from a minority perspective, the situation of the VMSZ is “special,” as it has good relations with the current ruling party. It could even be a game changer in the elections, as polls suggest that Aleksandar Vučić’s party alone will not be able to form a government, he added.

The lawyer also noted that Serbia is a “rational partner” for Hungary, as it supports a number of strategic investments and the two countries are interdependent on energy issues. He stressed that if Aleksandar Vučić wins again, the Hungarian government will continue to ensure the partnership in the future.

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Via MTI, Featured image:Facebook/Dr. Pásztor Bálint

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