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Minister of Regional Development Tibor Navracsics

Hungary is among the best EU member states in terms of the use of EU funds, the Minister of Regional Development said on Thursday in Budapest at the closing event of the Operational Program for Regional and Urban Development (TOP) and the Operational Program for Competitive Central Hungary (VEKOP).

Tibor Navracsics recalled that 13,000 developments have been implemented in Hungary in the past period within the framework of the programs, aiming to close the gap between the most developed and least developed regions of the country, so that “there should be no difference in the quality of life between where someone is born in Hungary.”

The Minister thanked the European Commission for its support for the implementation of the operational programs of the last period, which is now drawing to a close, and for the rapid disbursement of EU funds. All this has contributed to making Hungary a more livable and competitive country, he said.

He stressed that

the more than 2,000 settlements where developments have been implemented are not only the proof of the cooperation between Hungary and the European Commission, but also “proof that we can cooperate successfully and even make good use of EU funds.”

In his speech, the Minister urged the representatives of the European Commission to overcome their political fears and make decisions on the disbursement of funds in accordance with their own professional position, not the political position of the European Parliament.

“In the last year and a half of negotiations, we have done everything the European Commission has asked us to do, we have agreed on good solutions (…).

I am confident that as a result of this, just as we were able to agree on the disbursement of EU funds at the end of last year, we will be able to settle the requests and conditions set by the Commission,

and we can continue to promote the catching-up of regions in the TOP Plus program with the same momentum. After all, this is not only Hungary’s internal affair, but the competitiveness of the entire EU depends on it,” emphasized Tibor Navracsics.

Agnés Monfret, the European Commission’s head of unit recalled at the event that Hungary has an EUR 22 billion cohesion envelope for the 2021-2027 EU cycle, equivalent to 12 percent of Hungary’s GDP. She said that we are now the closest to achieving territorial, social, economic and societal cohesion, which is crucial for Europe, as either territorial development is guaranteed everywhere or the European internal market is weakened.

Agnés Monfret, the European Commission’s head of unit, during her speech at the event. Photo: Facebook/Navracsics Tibor

I am counting on our Hungarian colleagues to continue to work together as a trusted partner to deliver results and then as worthy partners to communicate the great achievements we have made together,”

she underlined.


The Operational Program for Regional and Urban Development (TOP) has supported investments in regional development in Hungary’s less developed regions with European co-financing of around EUR 4 billion. The Operational Program for Competitive Central Hungary (VEKOP) has supported regional interventions and sector program projects in the more developed Central Hungary region with EUR 582 million of European co-financing.

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Via MTI, Featured image: Facebook/Navracsics Tibor

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