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Minister Emphasizes Commitment to Strengthening Local Communities

MTI-Hungary Today 2024.02.02.

“Hungary is one of the most efficient users of EU funds and uses them for noble and good purposes. These causes not only strengthen local communities and help people living there but also contribute to the overall strengthening of the European Union,” emphasized  Tibor Navracsics, Minister of Public Administration and Regional Development.

Preserving our faith, cherishing our traditions, and strengthening our sense of community are not only national virtues but also vital contributions to the European Union’s ability to thrive. Minister Navracsics conveyed this message during the inauguration of the renewed Reformed Community House in Tornyospálca (eastern Hungary). He added that the new community center also plays a role in preserving European heritage and the European Union, as “such communities preserve culture.”

Politicians who challenge Hungary’s right to EU funds or seek to prevent the country from receiving these resources are in essence, weakening the European Union itself. This is because, as Mr. Navracsics pointed out, “we ourselves are the European Union.”

He mentioned the EU motto, “Unity in diversity.”

It is this diversity that breathes life into the community of the EU, and part of this diversity includes local communities preserving their traditions, maintaining their beliefs, and contributing to the European community as part of European culture.

The politician stressed: “As strong as our communities are, so will the European Union be.

Therefore, these investments are not our private business but public business,

contributing to the European Union becoming, we hope, in the near future, a community that works again, respecting and building on diversity.”

In conclusion, Tibor Navracsics wished the locals to use the Community House in good health, and for their communities to remain “the pillars of Europe,” enriched by faith.

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Via MTI; Featured Image: Facebook / Navracsics Tibor

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