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Mercedes Electric Models Becoming Increasingly Popular in Hungary

MTI-Hungary Today 2024.01.17.

On Tuesday, Mercedes-Benz Hungária reported on the growth of electromobility, the increase in demand for luxury models, and the good performance of models produced in Kecskemét (central Hungary), summing up its sales in Hungary in 2023.

In a statement, the company announced that 4,419 Mercedes-Benz passenger cars were registered in Hungary in 2023. Of the sales, one in four models (639 units) were produced in Kecskemét, while the CLA (314 units), the A-Class (280 units) and the EQB (45 units) continued to play a significant role in Hungarian sales, they added. A year earlier, the company said at the time, 5,516 new Mercedes passenger cars were registered by dealers in Hungary.

Electric (EQ) and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) models have increased in popularity in 2023,

the statement emphasized. A total of 1,463 units were sold, meaning that one in three Mercedes-Benz passenger cars registered was an EQ or PHEV model. With sales of 1,068 Mercedes-Benz models in the PHEV segment, the company has a 20 percent share of the national PHEV market.

A car on the production line at the Kecskemét factory. Photo via Facebook/Mercedes-Benz Gyár Kecskemét

With sales of 395 pure electric models, the company achieved a 6.9 percent share of the domestic electric car market.

The company’s further penetration of luxury models in Hungary is also reflected in its outstanding performance in the Top End Vehicle (TEV) segment, with more than 22 percent (956 units) of registered models coming from this category.

The trend towards electromobility and the strengthening of the luxury segment is in line with Mercedes-Benz’s global strategy, which the carmaker is continuing to implement, the statement highlighted.

Mercedes-Benz Group AG presented its global sales figures for 2023 on January 11. According to these numbers, Mercedes-Benz Cars sold 2,043,800 vehicles in 2023. Sales of the company’s pure electric vehicles (BEVs) increased by 73 percent in 2023; BEV and hybrid sales accounted for 19 percent of total passenger car sales.

In 2022, the most recently closed year of Mercedes-Benz Hungária, the net sales of the passenger car business were HUF 140 billion (EUR 369 million). The group generated net sales of more than HUF 235 billion (EUR 619 million) in Hungary in the same year.


The three categories that played a significant role in the Hungarian sales numbers of Mercedes-Benz were the CLA, the A-Class, and the EQB. To take a look at the prices, it can be seen that a CLA category car starts at HUF 13,401,000 (EUR 35,177), while a plug-in-hybrid in this category is around HUF 19,000,000 (EUR 49,874). The price of a classic A-class car is at least HUF 13,889,000 (EUR 36,458). The EQB vehicles are the most expensive with the starting price of HUF 23,748,000 (EUR 62,338).

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Via MTI; Featured image via Facebook/Mercedes-Benz Gyár Kecskemét

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