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MEP Calls for Audit of EU Funds to Palestinians

Hungary Today 2023.10.19.

The European Commission should investigate whether EU funds provided to the Palestinian people could have been used to finance, even indirectly, the terrorist activities of the Palestinian Islamist organization Hamas, Fidesz MEP Kinga Gál, said.

The MEP agreed with Olivér Várhelyi, EU Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighborhood Policy, who “days earlier called for the suspension and full screening of EU aid to the Palestinians.”
The Fidesz politician stressed that Israel has the right to self-defense in this terrorist situation. “We sympathize with the relatives of the victims, the wounded, and raise our voices for the release of the hostages,” she added.
She called for the prevention of an inter-state war in the region, which would trigger a new wave of migration and help Islamist terrorists to enter Europe. In her opinion, the threat of terror on the streets of Western Europe today, the pro-terror demonstrations, and the deadly terrorist attacks all prove that Brussels’ migration policy is very flawed.

We must immediately suspend the negotiations on the failed migration pact and finally say: Europe’s external borders must be protected and illegal migrants must not be allowed to enter at the external borders. This must not lead to terrorist acts in Europe,”

urged Kinga Gál.

Following her speech, Swedish MEP Charlie Weimers and Spanish MEP Hermann Tertsch also gave a press statement to the Hungarian public media. They stressed that they condemn in the strongest terms the terrorist attack by Hamas against Israel.
Weimers said that

it is incomprehensible that the left-wing groups in the European Parliament still do not unequivocally condemn Hamas attacks against Israel and the Jewish people.”

He called on the European Commission not to allow EU funds to finance anti-Semitic content in any direct or indirect way and to suspend financial support to the Palestinians until it is clear that these funds will not be used to finance terrorism in any form. He cited as an example Palestinian textbooks with anti-Semitic content glorifying terrorism and underlined his full support for EU Commissioner Oliver Várhelyi’s “proposal to review EU funding to the Palestinians until full transparency and accountability rules are in place.”

He pointed out that a few years ago, Palestinian NGOs refused to sign an EU declaration guaranteeing that no EU money would be given to terrorist organizations. “The EU did not push for this, but now there are reports that Hamas has dug up EU-funded water pipes in Gaza and used them to build rockets to indiscriminately fire at Israelis,” he said.
In his statement, Tertsch called for the importance of protecting the external borders. “Without strong border protection, masses of people are pouring into Europe and the European authorities are not reacting to the alarm signals that are already present on the streets of Europe.”

Tertsch fully supports Várhelyi’s “proposal to suspend EU funding to the Palestinian authorities until it is known exactly where these funds are going.”

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