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Government on the EPP President’s Comments: Weber Has Always Spoken Disparagingly about the Hungarian People

Hungary Today 2022.07.06.

The Ministry of Technology and Industry has reacted to Manfred Weber’s idea of “compulsory solidarity” with regard to purchasing and the distribution of natural gas to the EU and his critical comments about Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, newschannel ATV reports.

Manfred Weber, president of the European People’s Party (EPP), told the German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel on Sunday that gas supplies to the EU should be fairly distributed among Member States and that an extraordinary EU summit should be held in July because of the restrictions on Russian gas supplies. Among other things, he also said that foreign and security policy must break away from decision-making based on full consensus.

I am tired of our dependence on Viktor Orbán on foreign policy issues or on the question of an oil embargo in the EU.”

The Communications Department of the Ministry of Technology and Industry (TIM), headed by László Palkovics, responded to ATV‘s inquiry with the following: “Hungarian legislation has already allowed us to help consumers in neighboring countries in the event of an energy crisis in a spirit of solidarity, but this should not jeopardize the security of domestic energy supply. The operation of Hungarian gas storage facilities is and will remain in Hungarian hands.

The EU Energy Platform launched by the European Commission does not aim for a mandatory joint procurement of natural gas, but is based on voluntary participation. In our view, the procurement of energy carriers and the security of energy supply is ultimately the responsibility of the Member States.”

TIM also said that the government’s priority is to ensure energy supply for Hungarian people and businesses and to guarantee affordable energy prices. According to them, thanks to the cuts, Hungarian families currently pay the lowest average price for natural gas and the second-lowest average price for electricity in Europe.

Manfred Weber: "Viktor Orbán must decide which side he is on"
Manfred Weber:

EPP president Donald Tusk has also harshly criticized the Orbán government's decision to not allow the transfer of arms to Ukraine through Hungary's territory.Continue reading

They added:

Manfred Weber has always spoken disparagingly about the Hungarian people and Hungary. Hungary therefore did not support his election as President of the European Commission.”

Featured image via Olivier Hoslet/MTI/EPA

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