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Majority of Young People Feel the Impact of AI in their Daily Lives, Study Reveals

Hungary Today 2024.05.30.

‘Is it useful, harmful, or are people simply fed up with artificial intelligence (AI)? How and with what regularity does AI appear in young people’s lives and how does it affect their everyday lives?’ – These are the questions answered by the latest study from the Youth Research Institute, giving an insight into young people’s views on AI. The survey questioned a total of 1,000 young Hungarians aged 15-29.

A significant proportion of those who participated in the research (51 percent) feel the impact of AI in their daily lives, writes Magyar Nemzet.

23 percent of respondents think AI is very useful (66 percent think it is rather useful), but there are significant gender differences: 29 percent of men and only 17 percent of women think AI is very useful.

Respondents who use it more often were more positive than those who have only tried ChatGPT or a similar app once (38 percent), who are skeptical about its usefulness.


ChatGPT is an advanced artificial intelligence chatbot that generates human-like text responses when prompted. It was developed by artificial intelligence research lab OpenAI. It is based on a language model that has become a prominent framework for generative artificial intelligence.

  • “Chat” refers to its conversational ability
  • “G” is for “generative” and means it can create text
  • “P” is for “pre-trained” and indicates it has been taught using a vast amount of data
  • “T” is for “transformer”—the type of model it uses.

ChatGPT can perform a wide range of tasks. Like answering questions, providing explanations, generating creative writing, coding, and even engaging in casual conversation.

Asked whether or not human control over AI will be maintained, 54 percent of young people said they were confident that humans would continue to maintain control over AI. However, there is a significant gender divide, with

a majority of women (54 percent) fearing that control could be lost, compared to 37 percent of men.

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The study of the Youth Research Institute shows that 53 percent of young people have used ChatGPT or a similar app, with one in ten of them using it regularly. A higher proportion of people living in urban areas have tried ChatGPT or a similar app, 71 percent in Budapest and 63 percent in county seats, compared to 49 percent in smaller towns and 42 percent in villages.

The survey also found that young people think there is too much talk about AI, which, alongside ethical issues for developers and users and regulatory challenges, also points to the responsibility of those who speak out on artificial intelligence.

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Via Magyar Nemzet; Featured image via Pexels

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