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Majority of Vacationers Opt for Foreign Destinations in the Summer

Hungary Today 2024.05.28.
Portofino, one of the most popular destinations in Italy.

The majority of those planning a holiday (56 percent) prefer to travel abroad, with only 36 percent of respondents choosing domestic destinations, according to the latest survey by insurance intermediary company, Insura. 39 percent of respondents plan to go on holiday both at home and abroad, while 12 percent do not plan to go on holiday this year.

59 percent of those traveling abroad plan to spend at least a week in the chosen country, while 19 percent plan to take a longer and a shorter trip this summer, reports Világgazdaság. Only 14 percent want to go away more than once for a few days, while the remaining eight percent are thinking about one-day trips. The financial situation also plays an important role in travel decisions:

11 percent of respondents said they could not afford to go on holiday at all this year, and a further 40 percent could only afford a more modest holiday than usual.

Two thirds of survey respondents take out insurance for all their trips abroad. According to Insura, the average price of travel insurance policies taken out in the first four months of the year was HUF 11,700 (EUR 30), compared to HUF 10,900 (EUR 28) this time last year. The summer season is expected to see a seven to eight percent increase in the price of this service compared to last year.

Last summer, 26 percent of travel insurance policies taken out with Insura

were for travel to Croatia, 15 percent for travel to Italy, and 9 percent for travel to Austria,

meaning that 50 percent of all travel was split between these three countries.

Split, Croatia. Photo: Pixabay

Slovenia followed with eight percent, Greece with five percent, and Romania with also five percent. These proportions are not expected to change significantly this year.

Santorini, Greece. Photo via Pixabay.

The length of insured summer trips typically varies between four and eight days, with 65 percent of all trips falling into this range. By far the most common is the eight-day trip, following the eight-day/seven-night pattern typical of one-week trips.


As Hungary Today previously reported that Türkiye is also becoming a very attractive destination. While last year saw a 34.36 percent increase compared to the previous year, this year, the number of Hungarian visitors to Türkiye has almost doubled, with 91.37 percent more tourists attracted to the beautiful coastal cities. Antalya was the most popular destination in 2023, followed by Istanbul, Aydın, Nevşehir, and Izmir.

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Via Világgazdaság; Featured image via Pixabay

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