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Logistics Training May Start in Nyíregyháza

Hungary Today 2023.08.24.

In addition to Debrecen, a battery factory is also planned to be built in Nyíregyháza. But the development of the East-Hungary region also requires a high-quality logistics workforce. To this end, the Hungarian Logistics Association (HLA) is launching a higher-level logistics manager training course in the capital of Nyírség (in the northeastern part of the Great Hungarian Plain) in the form of personal education, already by this autumn, if there is sufficient interest – reports Járműipar.

The Hungarian Logistics Association trains several hundred senior logistics managers every year. The training, which has a tradition of several decades, may soon be launched in Nyíregyháza as well, in the personal form.

For example, raw materials have to be delivered to the production sites, precise intralogistics processes have to be carried out in the plants, and finished products have to be delivered to the places of use, so high quality, efficient, integrated logistics systems are needed,”

said Zoltán Doór, President of HLA, adding that for special manufacturing processes, in this case battery production, appropriate logistics knowledge is essential.

The aim of logistics training is to enable those who successfully pass the exam to carry out logistics planning, organization, management, and control tasks in various areas of economic life and individual economic organizations.

Training at Trenkwalder Hungary. Photo: Facebook/Magyar Logisztikai Egyesület

They will be able to play an active role in the organization of an integrated flow of materials and information within the company and between the company and its purchasing and sales markets, with a strong emphasis on environmental protection and social responsibility. They must also be able to liaise with other areas of the company and contribute to the preparation of the company strategy, thus providing information for management decisions, for example.

Following the news of the battery factory in Debrecen, it was recently announced that China’s Sunwoda Electronics is planning to build a factory in Nyíregyháza. The 580 billion HUF (EUR 1.5 B) investment of the automotive battery company in Nyírség is scheduled to start next year, so there could soon be a relevant demand for logistics specialists. This could increase the demand for potential workers with such skills.

We would like to see an increasing number of such professionals in the eastern part of the country, so if there is sufficient interest, higher-level logistics manager training could start in Nyíregyháza this autumn,”

said the President of the Hungarian Logistics Association.

Minister of Innovation Promotes Vocational Training
Minister of Innovation Promotes Vocational Training

Training programs with the support of the Hungarian government will start in Târgu Secuiesc, Romania in the autumn.Continue reading

The conditions for participation in the Nyíregyháza course are the same as for the others. Applicants must have any higher education or logistics administrator vocational training qualification, but can also apply if they are a student at a higher education institution in the field or have three years of professional experience in logistics.

Over the course of almost a year, the course material for the exam will be delivered in Hungarian on 14 different Saturdays, so that

the training can be completed while working.

Upon successful completion of the exam, students will receive a certificate of strict accountability recognized by the competitive market, which will include, in addition to some personal details, the final mark of the exam and the signature of the three-member exam board. The knowledge acquired during the training is increasingly being adopted internationally and certificates are available in English and German on request.

Featured images: Facebook/Magyar Logisztikai Egyesület

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