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The opposition LMP has called on the government to offer free covid immunity testing, at least for over 60-year-olds, party co-chair Máté Kanász-Nagy said at an online press conference on Saturday.

Kanász-Nagy said 5.5 million Hungarians have been inoculated so far but it is questionable whether they are protected against the virus.

“We are asking the government to allow everyone to ascertain whether they are really immune to COVID-19 after getting vaccinated,” he said.

There are more and more reports, he said, that not everyone has developed immunity, especially people older than 60 who received the Sinopharm vaccine.

Hungary's Sinopharm Issue - Third Vaccination on the Horizon?
Hungary's Sinopharm Issue - Third Vaccination on the Horizon?

One million Hungarians were vaccinated with Sinopharm, and it is worrying to hear that many of them are now reporting a complete lack of immunity to the coronavirus.Continue reading

He added that these are people who have not developed either antibodies or cell-mediated immunity.

Kanász-Nagy noted that the Budapest City Council will launch free immunity testing for over 60-year-olds next week for 18,000 people and said the government “should extend this to the entire country”.

Featured photo via Máté Kanász-Nagy’s Facebook page