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LMP Calls on Agriculture Minister to Halt Lake Fertő Investment

MTI-Hungary Today 2021.07.13.

The co-leader of the opposition LMP party on Tuesday called on Agriculture Minister István Nagy to halt the construction of a hotel in a protected area on Lake Fertő, in northwest Hungary, or tender his resignation.

Erzsébet Schmuck told an online press conference that the construction of a hotel, partly on the water itself, has been criticised by domestic and foreign NGOs, the European Union’s Directorate-General for Environment, UNESCO’s World Heritage Centre, and the International Centre on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS). The EU has already launched a procedure against Hungary for ignoring guidelines of its directive on natural habitats, Schmuck said.

EC Contacts Gov't Over Hungary’s Lake Fertő Construction
EC Contacts Gov't Over Hungary’s Lake Fertő Construction

12 thousand Hungarians and six thousand Austrians have already signed online petitions to stop the development.  Continue reading

Schmuck slammed the minister for dismissing critiques as “politically motivated opposition” in a Facebook video.

With the construction, the state “is setting a precedent on circumventing regulations regarding constructions on our natural waters,” Schmuck said. The 30 billion forint (EUR 84.3m)investment costs one-and-a-half times the annual budget of all nature parks in Hungary, she added.

featured image: Erzsébet Schmuck in the Parliament; via Tamás Kovács/MTI