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Light Festival in Pécs Will Center around the World-famous Rubik’s Cube

Hungary Today 2024.05.12.

The Zsolnay Light Festival in Pécs (southwestern Hungary), which will take place between July 4 and 7, offering programs at thirty venues throughout the city. The theme of this year’s international light painting competition, which will be the biggest attraction of the event, will be the Rubik’s Cube, writes Magyar Nemzet.

Márk Hummel, managing director of Zsolnay Örökségkezelő, said that the festival is expected to attract more than 100,000 visitors, and the biggest attraction this year will be the Zsolnay Light Art Video Mapping Competition.

Five works will be shown in the competition, and the three-dimensional animations woven from light and accompanied by sound, will be composed by the artists specifically for the façade of the four-towered Pécs Cathedral, in keeping with tradition, he stressed.

St. Peter and St. Paul’s Cathedral Basilica, also called Pécs Cathedral. Photo via Wikipedia.

The theme of this year’s competition is the world-famous logic game, the Rubik’s Cube, designed by Ernő Rubik, which was invented just 50 years ago.

The Rubik’s Cube is a 3D combination puzzle invented in 1974, by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture, Ernő Rubik. Photo via Pixabay.

In addition to the light-painting competition, the managing director added that a series of 19 stations of installation and building painting are to be expected, called the “The route of light,” which will run through the entire city center.

Photo via Facebook/Zsolnay Fény Fesztivál/Zsolnay Light Festival

Tamás Zádor, the professional partner of the Zsolnay Light Art Video Mapping Competition, underlined that unlike in the past, the competition was not looking for participants through a competition, but they selected the best artists on an invitational basis.

One Hungarian, English, Spanish, South American, and one German artist were invited, and the winner will be chosen by the public vote.

Photo via Facebook/JavicK

Mayor Attila Péterffy noted that the Zsolnay Light Festival is one of the most outstanding of the thousands of cultural events that take place in Pécs every year. He expressed hope that tens of thousands of visitors would attend the event again this year.

The 19-stations of “The route of light,” which will pass through the center of Pécs, will include iconic buildings, the concert hall of the Kodály Center, and the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter. On “The route of light,” both the visitor and artificial intelligence can play a role in transforming an exhibition space with light, while another work explores the role of fire as an ancient element in the present through augmented reality.

Photo via Facebook/Eszter Varga

In the concert hall of the Kodály Center, visitors can admire the choreographed movement of hundreds of red-hot giant laser beams, while in the city’s largest shopping center, a 100 square meter LED wall will transform the story of the origin of life into a virtual fantasy world, while Balokány Liget, adjacent to the Kodály Center, will be transformed into an enchanted forest of light.

The festival will not only offer evening light shows, but also colorful street theater and new circus performances during the day,

with performers, artists, and jugglers from Argentina, Australia, Catalonia, Israel, the Czech Republic, and Hungary.

The programs and the attractions of “The route of light” in the public spaces are free of charge, while those in the closed spaces can be visited by purchasing a wristband.

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Via Magyar Nemzet; Featured image via Facebook/Zsolnay Fényfesztivál / Zsolnay Light Festival

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