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“Liberal Dictatorship” Launching Attacks on Politicians Who Quote from the Bible

Hungary Today 2024.03.22.

The roots of Christianity cannot be uprooted in the name of any political ideal, just as the utopian French revolutionaries failed to do so, just as those who did harm in the name of communism and Nazism failed to do so, the Minister of State for Church and Nationality Relations of the Prime Minister’s Office said in Budapest on Thursday.

Miklós Soltész, introducing the event entitled “Can Europe’s Christian roots be torn out?” organized by the Szent István Institute and the Lajos Batthyány Foundation, said that he considered it important to come to the event, expressing his pleasure at the large number of young people who attended.
He recalled that during the communist one-party system, this day, March 21, was to be celebrated in Hungary in the context of the so-called “revolutionary youth days.” These were to be celebrated in conjunction with March 15, and April 4, while the “glorious 133 days” of the Hungarian Soviet Republic in 1919 were a period of national destruction, during which the communist terror, marked by the names of Béla Kun and Tibor Szamuely, destroyed whole communities, waged an extermination campaign against churches, and wanted to tear up Christian roots.

Miklós Soltész Photo: MTI/Kovács Tamás

Soltész stressed that it was in vain that Christians and Christianity were persecuted in the name of the utopia of the French Revolution, communism, or Nazism. Although these ideas caused enormous harm and damage, on the whole, these attempts also proved unsuccessful.
The KDNP MP also said that in Europe today, for example, the “liberal dictatorship” wants to crush the churches by launching attacks on politicians who quote from the Bible. The Christian Democrat politician expressed his conviction that they will not achieve their goal, that “they will not succeed.”

Soltész said that Christians are preparing for the most difficult, yet greatest celebration, because after Jesus’ death on the cross, one might have thought that a wonderful life of 33 years had ended, but this was not the case, because after that came the “miracle of the resurrection.”

Believing in this gives Christians a security and strength that no political will can uproot,”

he stressed.

The roots of Christianity will always remain, and generations to come will grow up on them, he said, wishing everyone a blessed and peaceful Holy Week.

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