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Letter by Viktor Orbán Addressed to EU leaders Surfaces Detailing the Hungarian PM’s Peace Initiative

Hungary Today 2024.07.10.
Viktor Orbán and Charles Michel (R)

Following his visit to Moscow, PM Viktor Orbán wrote a letter to Charles Michel, President of the European Council, summarizing his discussions with Russian President Vladimir Putin, reports Index.

Mr. Orbán traveled to Moscow on last Friday, and his visit has been widely interpreted and discussed, including in a video interview.

A Ukrainian newspaper, Yevropeiska Pravda, obtained a letter from Mr. Orbán, reportedly sent to Charles Michel and the heads of state and government of the European Council on July 5th. According to the newspaper, the Hungarian PM stated in the letter that during his visit he

“did not make any proposals or express any opinions on behalf of the European Council or the European Union,” dismissing claims to the contrary as “unfounded.”

Viktor Orbán commented on his meeting with President Putin, noting that Putin’s perspective on the front-line situation “differs significantly from President Zelensky’s interpretation.” He reported that Putin did not mention Russian losses but estimated Ukrainian monthly losses at 40-50,000 troops.

Viktor Orbán, Volodymyr Zelensky. Photo: MTI / Miniszterelnöki Sajtóiroda / Fischer Zoltán

The Russian Head of State was reportedly surprised that Volodymyr Zelensky rejected a proposal for a temporary ceasefire. However, Mr. Orbán suggested that President Putin might consider a ceasefire that “would not serve the hidden redeployment and reorganization of Ukrainian forces.”

The Hungarian Prime Minister added that Russia was willing to agree to the terms discussed in the April 2022 talks in Istanbul, particularly the fifth point of the document, which involves international security guarantees for Ukraine. Russia sought to be among these guarantors.

Viktor Orbán also mentioned that Moscow is “ready to exchange views” on a peace proposal from China and Brazil, which would impose peace talks between Russia and Ukraine without insisting on Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.

He emphasized the urgent need for peace, noting that the chances for peace are diminishing “because diplomatic channels are closed and there is no direct dialogue between the parties.” He warned that escalating hostilities and rising casualties mean time is running out, predicting more dramatic losses and military events on the front line in the coming months.

Mr. Orbán added that the United States would not be able to play a “political leadership role” due to the upcoming election campaign. He suggested considering a “European initiative” in the spirit of “strategic autonomy”, reported Index.hu.

Foreign Minister Calls for Ceasefire and Peace Talks in Ukraine War
Foreign Minister Calls for Ceasefire and Peace Talks in Ukraine War

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Via Index; Featured Image: MTI / Miniszterelnöki Sajtóiroda / Fischer Zoltán

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