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Left-Wing MEPs Block Debate on NatCon Conference Scandal

Hungary Today 2024.04.23.

The left-wing faction in the European Parliament blocked the inclusion of the banned conference on the agenda of the actual plenary session.

The NatCon conference, which faced attempts of obstruction through legal and physical means, has now made history, Magyar Nemzet reports. This decision by the left reveals a significant misstep, especially given its proximity to the elections.

The right-wing attempted to address this issue during the last Strasbourg plenary session, highlighting its importance, as evidenced by the considerable international media attention and reactions from top political figures such as Viktor Orbán, Giorgia Meloni, and Belgian PM Alexander De Croo. Despite these efforts, the left-wing members in Brussels voted against debating the issue in the European Parliament.

The initiative originated from Italian Conservative MEP Nicola Procaccini, but it faced opposition from 191 MEPs, primarily from the left.

András László, who occupies the tenth position on the Hungarian Fidesz-KDNP’s EP list, also weighed in on the matter via his X account. According to him, the political left’s reluctance to address the issue stems from their indifference towards the censorship of conservative ideas and their stance on freedom of speech.

Besides Mr. László, other conservative MEPs commented on the events on social media, such as fellow Hungarian MEPs, Ernő Schaller-Baross and Enikő Győri.

President of the Fidesz EP fraction, Kinga Gál, who also initiated a debate on the topic of the NatCon Conference with participating MEPs, expressed her opinion in a Facebook post.

Fidesz MEP: "We cannot ignore the brutal silencing of conservatives in Brussels!"
Fidesz MEP:

After the NatCon Conference in Brussels was almost canceled, Kinga Gál addressed the President of the EP.Continue reading

Via Magyar Nemzet; Featured Image: Pixabay

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