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House Speaker Kövér Says Opposition’s Policy Is “Openly Treacherous”

MTI-Hungary Today 2021.12.04.

László Kövér, the speaker of parliament, accused the leftist opposition of pursuing “an openly treacherous policy”, in an interview published in the Saturday issue of daily Magyar Nemzet.

A manifestation of that politics has been prevalent in calls by the left urging ethnic Hungarians in the southern region of neighboring Slovakia “to be proud Slovaks” and in Transylvania “to support with their votes a Romanian party”, Kövér said.

In Brussels, the opposition has repeatedly asked for withdrawing as much community funding as possible from Hungary and punishing the country to the greatest possible extent. While Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party pursues a nation-oriented policy, the left-wing parties “have become paid servants in global political endeavors aiming to eliminate nation states”, he said.

Fidesz's Kövér Links Opposition to "Greatest National Security Risk"
Fidesz's Kövér Links Opposition to

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As regards Hungary’s general election next spring, Kövér said the opposition “seeks to turn it into a hate campaign, as it always did over the past twelve years”.

“The aim is to have a loose mass of consumers composed of people with no identity, national traditions or culture or roots and with no personality,” he said.

Kövér said in today’s Europe Hungary “along with Poland, is one of the last fortresses protecting Christian values”. “This is why it is not by accident that we both face all contempt and curse”. This is why next year’s general election will be decisive which “the other side is also aware of”, he said, adding that “we must prepare for every eventuality, even that they will do the unimaginable to overthrow our civic government”.

The house speaker said in connection with the United States and next year’s election that “there has been hardly a country where they [the US] have not tried to intervene”, making reference “to developments in Austria, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic”.

Ruling Parties Defend Kövér, Suggest His Words were Twisted after Controversial Speech
Ruling Parties Defend Kövér, Suggest His Words were Twisted after Controversial Speech

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“They will make their utmost efforts to knock Hungary out of the wall of resistance next April, and then only the Polish government will be left for them to deal with,” Kövér said in the interview.

Featured photo illustration by Dávid Pólya-Pető/Press Office of the National Assembly/MTI