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Offshore Lake Tisza Lookout and Aggtelek Karst House Elected Hungary’s Favorites in 2021

Hungary Today 2021.11.03.

Bölömbika Outlook, built on Lake Tisza, and the Szelcepuszta house located in the woods of Aggtelek Karst have been elected Hungary’s favorites in 2021, via the vote organized by Aktív Magyarország.

Similarly to last year, Aktív Magyarország (Active Hungary) announced once again the Lookout of the Year and the Tourist House of the Year elections. First it was up to the public to submit their favorites. Then a professional jury selected the 10 best of both categories, which were then sent to a public vote.

Only those destinations were shortlisted that are in good condition with a well-maintained environment, located along exciting hiking trails or water tourism routes, and which are visited by many travelers.

The best outlook: Bölömbika lookout on lake Tisza

A special feature of the structure inaugurated earlier this year is that it can only be reached by water. After docking, you can go up to the top by stairs, from where you can admire the panorama of the lake.

Image by aktivmagyarorszag.hu

The 10 best lookouts in Hungary in 2021 are:

  1. Bölömbika lookout
  2. Szent Korona (Holy Crown) lookout in Kisgyőr
  3. Kardosfa lookout in Zselickisfalud
  4. Sástó lookout in Mátra
  5. Lila-hegy lookout in Győrújbarát
  6. Kéz lookout in Cserhát
  7. Őrtorony (watchtower) lookout on Tihany peninsula
  8. Gloriette lookout in Fertőboz
  9. Csergezán Pál lookout on Nagy Kopasz summit
  10. Tepke lookout in Cserhát

The best tourist house: Szelcepuszta house in Aggtelek Karst 

The Tourist House of the Year went to Szelcepuszta House, located on the National Blue Trail (Országos Kéktúra in Hungarian) in Aggtelek Karst. The premises are surrounded by more than six kilometers of woods from every direction and the chalet also serves as a forest school base. Aggtelek Karst is characterized by unique geological formations and stalactite caves, and rich flora and fauna are natural treasures, guaranteeing a unique experience.

Image by aktivmagyarorszag.hu

The 10 best tourist houses in Hungary in 2021 are:

  1. Szelcepuszta house
  2. Szalajka-house in Mátra
  3. Pohánka guest house in Gömörszőlős
  4. Somoskőújfalu tourist center (Kirándulóközpont)
  5. Százesztendős Révészház (100-year-old ferry house) in Szigetmonostor
  6. Gyopár Forest Cottage in Hosszúhetény
  7. Agostyán Forest Cottage in Gerecse Mountains
  8. Roth tourist house in Sopron Mountains
  9. Anna hunting lodge in Telki
  10. Ivánka Lodge in Arló

featured image via Szelcepuszta Turistaház- Facebook

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