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Lake Balaton Tourism Industry Closes Successful Summer Season Despite Labor Shortage

Hungary Today 2021.08.30.

Although the guests in the localities around Lake Balaton have already disappeared, the restaurants on the “Hungarian sea” were able to achieve a good summer season in 2021, with revenues exceeding last year’s figures. However, the huge labor shortage caused by the pandemic continues to weigh heavily on the sector.

The original article was written by our sister site, Ungarn Heute.

According to the restaurateurs at Lake Balaton, this year’s summer season was better than the previous one, especially strong on the weekends during the peak season. Although vacationers have already disappeared from the lake in the last days of August due to bad weather, restaurateurs hope for a good start to the autumn season.

Food Prices Skyrocket Around Lake Balaton
Food Prices Skyrocket Around Lake Balaton

Meanwhile, some chefs at Lake Balaton are asking for a net salary of up to one million forint a month.Continue reading

Nationwide, domestic tourism has set a new record this summer season, but at the same time the hospitality industry is burdened by a labor shortage of 20-30 percent. Former workers are willing to work in the industry again for a few days only for double the salary, not wanting to give up their other jobs. However, the majority of the 40-50,000 people who are missing from the sector do not want to go back at all.

Featured photo illustration by Tamás Vasvári/MTI