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Kossuth Prize Winners from Outside Hungary on Exhibition

Hungary Today 2023.06.15.

The House of Hungarians Gallery in Budapest has opened a large portrait photo exhibition of 14 Kossuth Prize-winning writers, poets, musicians, and actors from the historic upper Hungary regions (Slovakia), Transcarpathia (Ukraine), Transylvania (Romania) and Vojvodina (Serbia)- reported Kultura.hu.

The opening ceremony of the gallery’s first free exhibition, entitled Kossuthdíjasok (The Kossuth Prize Winners), was held on Tuesday. The proximity of the exhibition space to the Parliament, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and St. Stephen’s Basilica symbolizes the core values of the House of Hungarian Heritage, according to János Árpád Potápi, State Secretary for National Policy: patriotism, trust in science, and attachment to faith.

The exhibition of Kossuth Prize-winning artists from abroad will show visitors from Budapest and further afield

what it means to find a vocation in life as a Hungarian living abroad.

As one of the most important cultural institutions of national policy, the House of Hungarians aims to strengthen national spirit and patriotism among Hungarians living in the capital, in other parts of the country, in regions beyond the borders and in the diaspora, in addition to disseminating scientific knowledge and culture.

The House of Hungarians; Photo: MTI/Péter Lakatos

Krisztina Csibi, director of the House of Hungarians, said that the exhibition with its special visuals will feature 14 Kossuth Prize-winning artists from abroad, including the writer, poet, and literary translator Árpád Tőzsér from upper Hungary and the Transcarpathian László Fábián Vári; writer, poet, literary translator, and ethnographer, István Szilágyi; writer, editor from Transylvania, Ottó Tolnai; writer, poet, and editor from Vojvodina; and László Végel, novelist, playwright, and essayist also from Vojvodina.

In the House of Hungarians Gallery, there will be further accompanying events and chamber performances in connection with the exhibition Kossuthdíjasok. After the closing of the exhibition at the end of summer, new exhibitions will be held quarterly, targeting different age groups. The opening ceremony was attended by Kossuth Prize-winning actor, director, and singer Imre Boráros, Kossuth Prize-winning actor Mátyás Dráfi, and Kossuth Prize-winning singer, composer, and musician Gyula Szarka. The exhibition is open to the public until August 20.

Photo: MTI/Péter Lakatos


The Kossuth Prize (in Hungarian: Kossuth-díj) is a state-sponsored award in Hungary, named after the Hungarian politician and revolutionist Lajos Kossuth. The prize was established in 1936, by the Hungarian National Assembly, to acknowledge outstanding personal and group achievements in the fields of science, culture, and the arts, as well as in the building of socialism in general.

In the 1950s, the award was given to Gabor Bela Fodor for his contributions in the field of Chemistry as the prize was given to selected scientists. Since 1963, the domain was restricted to culture and the arts. Today, it is regarded as the most prestigious cultural award in Hungary, and is awarded by the president.

Via Kultura.hu; Featured image: MTI/Péter Lakatos The photo shows from left to right Gyula Szarka, Imre Boráros, János Árpád Potápi, László Fábián Vári, Mátyás Dráfi.

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