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As part of the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture program, this year’s KeszthelyFest will start on Thursday 6 July with some dixieland music – reports Turizmus.com.

This year, KeszthelyFest has joined the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture program (ECOC), and is closely linked to the program’s spirit of promoting cultural diversity, offering a wide variety of cultural events: different styles of music, gastronomy, humor, literature, history, animal protection and fashion are all part of the event.

By mixing different genres, the organizers aim to make the free event a truly versatile, entertaining and memorable experience for all ages, local residents and tourists alike.

Photo: Facebook/KeszthelyFest

KeszthelyFest 2023, as part of the ECOC project and with the support of a significant grant, will boost the cultural life of Keszthely (on the North-western coast of Lake Balaton) and the Western Balaton region, thus further boosting cultural tourism – reducing the problems of seasonality.

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Week-Long Blue Ribbon Regatta on Lake Balaton at Full Throttle

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This year, the opening day of the festival, taking place from 6-9 July, is Thursday, giving us an extra day to enjoy the festival atmosphere.

The opening music will be provided by the Happy Dixieland Band, who will take the tunes from Festetics Palace to the Main Square. On Sunday, the KeszthelyFest will also close with marching music, including a drum performance by Boombatucada.

Festetics Palace in Keszthely. Photo: Pixabay.com

During the four-day event, the main stage will host folk and world music as well as pop music performances, but Friday and Sunday the closing acts will be dance music, provided by DJs.

Musical accompaniment can also be enjoyed on the pedestrian street stage.

In 2023, Viviera Beach will be a partner and sponsor of the festival. Thanks to this cooperation, young people will have special programs within the festival. In addition, Viviera Beach’s Balaton Beach base will serve as an outdoor venue with ticketed events, including a concert by the Bagossy Brothers Company and the Lights Off festival.

The Castle Garden will offer a wide range of activities for families. In the spirit of health awareness, a free cooking corner will be set up, and those who want to meet puppies and kittens or donate to animal welfare organizations in Zala county will not have to go far. On Saturday, Orsi Látrányi, a certified trainer, will give an interactive session and presentation on responsible pet ownership, and share her experiences of training rescue dogs and guide dogs.

The little ones will be entertained by music bands, interactive performances and a clown, throughout the weekend. Face painting is also on the children’s program, and on Thursday and Friday the bravest ones can even try rock climbing.

Furthermore, this year’s KeszthelyFest will be a treat for literature lovers, with three panel discussions taking place at the festival’s new venue, the Pethő yard.

János Bán, writer-journalist, media specialist and author of the Hunyadi series of novels, Gábor Piroch, world-famous stuntman and author of Hollywoodland, and Imre Limpár, psychologist, have accepted the invitation.

In the Pethő yard, a quiz on history and on films will also entertain history and film lovers. Italian culture and music will be in the spotlight on Friday with the KeszthelyFesta Italiana program.

Festetics Castle will give home to fashion related presentations, and fashion shows.

Local representatives of the fine arts will also be out on the sites to capture the most memorable moments of the KeszthelyFest.

Featured image: Pixabay.com

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