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Katalin Novák Is Hungary’s Number One Ambassador of National Interest

MTI-Hungary Today 2023.05.12.

Katalin Novák completed her first year as President of the Republic on May 10. To mark the occasion, the Nézőpont Research Institute published an analysis of how the head of state is perceived by Hungarians and how the role of the president has changed.

The analysis shows that more than half of Hungarians – 55 percent – know that Katalin Novák is the President of the Republic.

62 percent of those who know the head of state are satisfied with the work Katalin Novák has done so far, which exceeds the popularity of the governing parties.

76 percent of Hungarians believe that the primary task of the President of the Republic is to represent Hungary internationally.

While last November, 57 percent of respondents thought that Novák was doing her job well,

65 percent are now satisfied with the international performance of the president.

People also appreciate that the head of state has made gestures towards both LGBTQI organizations and the radical right, after hosting the LMBTQI civil society “Háttér Társaság” at the Sándor Palace and granting a pardon to György Budaházy, who was previously sentenced to prison for political offenses. Sending the “complaint law” back to parliament is also part of this effort.

The Nézőpont Institute evaluates the results of the research as Novák is the number one ambassador of national interest internationally and of national unity.

President Katalin Novák: "We Hungarians will not be ashamed of who we are"
President Katalin Novák:

The head of state addressed the international guests of the CPAC Hungary gala dinner.Continue reading

via MTI, Featured image: Facebook/Katalin Novák

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