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Justice Minister: EP Mounting “Further Attacks” Against Child Protection Law

MTI-Hungary Today 2021.09.29.

The European Parliament Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) is sending a delegation to Hungary with a continuation of its “attack” against the child protection law, the justice minister said in a Facebook post.

“The delegation’s declared intention is to launch another attack because of the Law on Child Protection by using the rule of law as a tool rather than as a principle. Furthermore, they also want to discuss the Article 7 proceeding, which has slowly stopped attracting any interest,” Judit Varga said in her post written both in Hungarian and in English.

Meanwhile, Hungary stands by its “consistent” stance that EU institutions should not overstep their competencies laid down in the fundamental treaties “simply because a Member State does not act the way bureaucrats in Brussels want it.”

Justice Minister: EU Cannot Dictate How Hungarians Should Educate Their Children
Justice Minister: EU Cannot Dictate How Hungarians Should Educate Their Children

"We reject categorically the assumption that the purpose of the law would be exclusion or discrimination, it is only about the upbringing of Hungarian children and the protection of minors," Judit Varga said.Continue reading

“We will always remain open to dialogue based on mutual respect, although we have no illusions: when it’s about punishing Hungary, we have seen that Brussels knows no borders,” she said.

However, Hungary will attend the talks are a constructive partner “as our intentions are straightforward while our legal arguments are clear and confident,” she said.

Featured image via Judit Varga’s Facebook page