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Justice Minister: EC Admits its Objection Is to ‘LGBTQ Lobby’ Not Being Allowed into Schools

MTI-Hungary Today 2021.07.16.

The European Commission has admitted that its real objection to Hungary’s child protection law is that the “LGBTQ lobby” is not allowed into Hungarian schools or kindergartens, Judit Varga, the minister of justice, wrote on Facebook on Thursday.

“The cat’s out of the bag,” she said, adding that the commission had initially denied that the problem with the law was its prohibition of the dissemination of all forms of sexual propaganda, including the activities of LGBTQ organizations and activists in Hungarian kindergartens and schools.

But the commission, she said, had made clear in its letter of formal notice that “the problem  [with the law] … is that we shan’t allow the LGBTQ lobby into our public education institutions.”

EC Launches Infringement Procedures Against Hungary Over Violation of LGBTIQ Rights
EC Launches Infringement Procedures Against Hungary Over Violation of LGBTIQ Rights

Both procedures raise the objection that Hungary has failed to explain why the exposure of children to LGBTIQ content would be detrimental to their well-being.Continue reading

Varga said the commission considered that the ban on education regarding sexual culture, sexuality, sexual orientation and sexual development in terms of promoting different gender identities, gender changes or popularisation of homosexuality violated the free movement of EU services. She insisted that the commission found the fact that this kind of “propaganda” was banned “painful”.

She said the commission’s complaint was that practices that were already established in western Europe were “not possible in Hungary”.

“We don’t allow LGBTQ activists into schools,” said Varga. “Based on all this, I hope the domestic and international press will amend yesterday’s widespread fake news.”

Featured photo via Judit Varga’s Facebook page