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Brussels is making a huge mistake if it insists on measures to promote migration, and we shall say “no” to illegal immigration, said the Chairwoman of the European Affairs Committee of the Hungarian Parliament.

As member of the Fidesz parliamentary group, she published a video on her Facebook page on Sunday. Judit Varga stressed that illegal immigration is the biggest challenge in Europe today, as it puts the most fundamental values and results at risk and makes it impossible to maintain the Schengen borders, which ensure freedom of traveling within the EU.

She also drew attention to the fact that the large numbers of immigrants put public security and people’s daily well-being at risk. Attacks are a daily occurrence, and people smugglers are becoming increasingly organized, with groups of 100-200 people trying to break into Europe via the Hungarian border,

the politician said. “While armed migrants are shooting daily at the southern border fence, Brussels does not support Hungary’s border protection with a single penny.”

She evaluated the question of common sense from the side of EU politicians as such: “Where is the limit of common sense, because it is incomprehensible to reason how they can demand that we let in migrants who are forcibly besieging our borders and create open migrant camps for tens of thousands of illegal immigrants in Hungary.”
“The Brussels bureaucrats have not been idle this week either,” she added, “forcing another pro-migration legislative move on member states.” She noted that the final text of the last element of

the migration pact was distributed to the participants five minutes before the vote, and if that was not enough, a total of 13 minutes were devoted to its negotiation.

It seems that Brussels is allowing so much time today for an issue that will decide the fate of the whole continent,” she said.
“We know that Brussels’ aim is to ram down our throats as many pro-migration measures as possible, but we will not allow this to happen, because it goes against the will of the Hungarian people, it creates an untenable situation, it endangers people’s security, European culture, and European way of life,” Varga concluded.

Migration Crisis: Brussels is Not Part of the Solution, but "the problem itself"
Migration Crisis: Brussels is Not Part of the Solution, but

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Via: MTI, Featured photo:Facebook/SOS MEDITERRANEE France

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