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Hungarian Chess Grandmaster Judit Polgár Beats “Whole World”

Hungary Today 2022.03.22.

Hungarian Chess Grandmaster Judit Polgár competed against popular chess influencers and their communities at the Hungary Pavilion of the Dubai World Expo. Viewers could also vote on the next move of Polgár’s opponents while she simultaneously played against several groups of people.

Judit Polgár, who is the greatest female chess player of all time, shared the results in a Facebook post.

Out of the ten games with the influencers and their communities, the Hungarian champion won five games, the other five were draws. This means that she did not lose a single game. There was also a World Board where anyone could participate. Polgár wrote at the end of her post:

Sorry World, I won this time.”

At the end of the event, Polgár thanked everyone who took part. She added:

We wanted to show how great chess can be online with the communities. I would like to express special thanks to all the players and their communities for loving chess as much as they do because this is something very special.”

She also added that we should spread the word about how “chess connects us in a very motivating and entertaining, fun way.”

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Featured image: Judit Polgár, Olympic champion, international chess grandmaster, the initiator of the event, at the press conference of the World Chess Festival at the T62 Hotel in Budapest on September 30, 2021. Photo by Zoltán Balogh/MTI

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