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Interview: Kari Lake Speaks about the Special Friendship with Hungary

Dániel Deme 2023.05.08.

American politician, and former television presenter, Kari Lake was the Republican nominee in the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial election. Former president Donald Trump is reportedly considering her to be his nominee for vice-president if he wins the official Republican nomination. Lake has given an exclusive interview to Hungary Today on Friday, 5 May, during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) held in Budapest, organized by the Center for Fundamental Rights.

Former president Donald Trump in his message to CPAC Hungary, spoke about a “special friendship” between America and Hungary. It is an echo of Churchill’s term “special relationship”. This is strong terminology. Do you agree with this description, and if so, what does this mean at all in the present context?

I think this is a natural friendship. I mean the policies you have in place in Hungary, like putting your families first and making sure that families are safe. You know a country is only as strong as are the families. Your policies have focused on families, and as a result, children are playing on safe streets. It also involves giving people freedoms, prioritizing their security, and putting your own citizens first. This is a very natural thing for America, and of course, as President Trump is an “America first” president, I see your Prime Minister (also being) a “Hungary First” person. So we are very similar in our way of thinking, and I think it is a natural thing. We need to have peace. Orbán and Trump both speak the truth and want peace. That is the similarity in what (Hungarian and) American people want.

The American people want truth, and they want peace. We do not want to see war escalating out of control.

President Katalin Novák (L) with Kari Lake. “What a pleasure it was to join President Novák for dinner tonight! As the first female President of Hungary, and mother of three, President Novák is showing the world what Mama Bears can do in places of leadership. She is incredible!” Photo: Facebook Kari Lake

When you speak about war, there is one in our neighborhood. In this critical situation, you would have expected the present White House administration to unite the NATO allies around a common cause. Instead, we are seeing controversial initiatives from the Biden administration involving pressure on LGBT, gender issues, accusations of anti-semitism, concerns about alleged rule-of-law violations, and press freedom. Why do you think that it is more important for the Biden administration to undermine the Orbán government with antagonistic issues like this instead of uniting NATO allies?

Well, this is the globalist agenda. They want weakened families, weakened nations, and the want actual total control.

They do not want to see a 190 nations around the world, with strong leaders protecting their citizens, protecting their culture.

They do not want that, that goes against the globalist agenda. Unfortunately, the globalist agenda with a left-wing party are in control right now in the United States. President Joe Biden is a globalist, he is very cozy with Chinese President Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party, and I do not think he has got our best interest at heart right now. It is really concerning to the American people. I am hoping that Joe Biden will perform some soul-searching and realize that he can do a lot to bring us toward peace, as nobody wants to see a world war. We have to stop what is going on and force involved parties to the negotiating table for peace talks.

CPAC: Donald Trump Hails "Special Friendship" With Hungary
CPAC: Donald Trump Hails

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Featured Photo: Facebook Kari Lake.

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