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More Trains to Improve Lake Balaton’s Accessibility

MTI-Hungary Today 2024.05.06.

Hungarian railway company, MÁV-Start will increase the number of trains to Lake Balaton and the capacity of bicycle transport a month before the start of the school holidays, from May 13.

The railway company stressed that during the pre-season, running until June 21, the two-hourly Déli-Parti InterRegio trains will start running between the Budapest Déli Railway Station and Fonyód and Balatonszentgyörgy (both on the southern shore).

Between Budapest and Tapolca (close to Lake Balaton’s northern shore) there are daily two-hourly Kék Hullám InterCity trains,

only stopping at Budapest-Kelenföld, Székesfehérvár (central Hungary), and Balatonalmádi until Balatonfüred (both on the northern shore).

Balatonfüred. Photo via Facebook/BalaPort Balatonfüred

Between Budapest and Balatonfüred, Vizipók trains run every two hours, stopping only at Budapest-Kelenföld, Székesfehérvár, and at all stations along the coast from Balatonakarattya (eastern shore) to Balatonfüred.

On weekends and public holidays, the Jégmadár express trains will continue to run during the pre-season, offering double-decker Stadler KISS motor trains between Szob (northern Hungary) and Fonyód (southern shore), and on Friday and Saturday nights, the Bagoly trains will again run from Keszthely (western shore) to Déli Railway Station via the southern shore.

On weekend days, Katica InterRegio trains – consisting of modern Stadler FLIRT motor trains – will also run between Budapest and Balatonfüred, stopping at all stations and stops from Székesfehérvár to Balatonfüred, serving smaller stops.

Express trains also run from Győr (northwestern Hungary), Szombathely (western Hungary), and Pécs (southwestern Hungary) to reach Lake Balaton.

Photo via Facebook/MÁV – START Zrt.

Those traveling with a Hungary or country pass, as well as with a Hungary24 or Vármegye24 day ticket, can travel on all passenger and wagon trains going to Lake Balaton.

However, on InterCity and express trains, seat reservations are mandatory. In addition, in preparation for the increased passenger traffic, compulsory seat reservation will be introduced on priority trains (Balaton, Kék Hullám and Tópart InterCity, Jégmadár express) as well.

Bicycle transport on the Balaton trains is possible by purchasing a bicycle ticket.

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Via MTI; Featured image via Facebook/MÁV – START Zrt.

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