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In the Wake of Demonstrations, Vandals Target Fidesz-KDNP Offices

Hungary Today 2018.12.19.

As more and more people joined in the tense demonstrations erupting across the country, certain Fidesz and KDNP offices were vandalized.

On Wednesday of last week, someone broke the window of Fidesz’s Szeged office (southern Hungary). Just one day later, white paint was found poured on the same building.


Presumably on Sunday night, the governing party’s office in Budapest’s 13th district was also vandalized, marked with obscene words (“f**kfaces” painted on its windows and “scums” written underneath).


On Tuesday morning, excrement was found smeared on the office windows of Fidesz’s coalition partner, KDNP, in Budapest’s 12th district.


A Fidesz office in the 3rd district was also vandalized. “O1G” is an obscene code word which was used by protesters following businessman Lajos Simicska’s controversial break-up speech wherein he referred to PM Viktor Orbán as a “scum.”

Via Erzsébet Menczer- Facebook

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