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In-depth Survey Reveals the Sporting Habits of the Population

MTI-Hungary Today 2024.06.21.

More than half of Hungarian adults never do sports, and most say they do not feel like it or do not have the time, according to a research on active lifestyles. The survey was carried out between November 2023 and January 2024, by the TÁRKI Social Research Institute, with 1,260 people interviewed in person, representative of the adult population of Hungary.

At the press conference summarizing the results of the survey, Máriusz Révész, State Secretary for Active Hungary at the Prime Minister’s Office, said that his ministry’s task is to get as many people as possible moving, hence they are looking for ideas that will make this possible. He noted that it would be a big challenge to reach out to people who had never been active in their lives.

The State Secretary said that

in Hungary, no in-depth survey had been carried out in the last ten years to find out why and how people exercise. Therefore, it was necessary to carry out such a study before the ‘active lifestyle strategy’ was drawn up.”

The summary of the survey was presented by Tamás Dóczi, Associate Professor at the Department of Social Sciences of the University of Physical Education and Annamária Tátrai, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Eötvös Lóránd University. The results of the research imply a high degree of certainty that the data in the sample is representative of the population as a whole.

The starting point for the survey was how adults spend their free time: passive activities and mostly screen-related were the most popular among respondents, but exercise and sports were also found to be interspersed with family and time spent with friends, said Tátrai.

43% of the adult population is active, i.e. plays a sport or does other physical activity at least weekly.

The research shows that the proportion of people who exercise regularly decreases with age. It also reveals that financial situation is a determinant of physical activity: 51% of people in good financial situations exercise weekly, compared to 17% of people in poor financial situations.

According to Dóczi, the results of the survey show that 55% of people have never exercised. About a third of adults do sports on a relatively regular basis. Most of those who have never done sports (54%) said they do not do it because they do not feel like it, 41% said they lack time, and 31% said they were not in good health.

Based on the research, an important target group could be the active and less active dissatisfied, as it seems that progress can be made if the conditions are right,”

said Dóczi.

The results show that the workplace is one of the most important settings for physical activity and sport for the active adult population. The data shows that the main demand is for the provision of company gyms and fitness rentals, according to the summary of the survey.

Various Facilities Await Sport Enthusiasts Free of Charge in Budapest's City Park
Various Facilities Await Sport Enthusiasts Free of Charge in Budapest's City Park

Efforts were made to accommodate physical education classes for nearby institutions, too.Continue reading

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