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Important Police Mission in Serbia for the Safety of Europe

Hungary Today 2023.08.23.

A 35-member Hungarian police contingent will be deployed along with Austrian and Serbian police on Serbia’s southern border, Magyar Nemzet reports. According to State Secretary Bence Rétvári, this mission is extremely important, as it will protect both Europe and Hungary.

“We are protecting the southern border of Hungary, that is why we built the fence, and that is why more than a thousand border guards are deployed there,” said the parliamentary State Secretary of the Interior Ministry.

This mission is extremely important, as we are protecting Europe and Hungary,”

Bence Rétvári stressed, adding that there have already been almost 100,000 illegal border crossing attempts at the southern border this year.

According to the state secretary, protecting the borders is the right way, not controlling people. If the external borders of the European Union were not protected, European citizens would have to face more controls in their daily lives, the State Secretary noted.

He pointed out that this is exactly what is happening at the moment, as internal border controls are being introduced in several places in Europe due to illegal immigration. While it is said that these are temporary, they will be permanent if illegal immigration is not stopped, he added.


Under Brussels’ plans – which would facilitate rather than stop illegal migration – migrant ghettos, known as reception centers, would also be set up on Hungary’s southern border, and more than 28 percent of all EU migration-related procedures would be handled with Hungary. According to these plans, tens of thousands of people would thus be crammed into a camp. We are, of course, against these measures, the state secretary stressed.

Once you have entered the EU, you will not want to leave it voluntarily.

According to EU statistics, nine out of ten people who are expelled from the EU, refuse to actually leave,

said the politician. There are already 59 police contingents in Serbia, and this is the ninth one deployed under the joint Hungarian-Austrian-Serbian border guard, he added.

The contingent will be equipped with six all-terrain vehicles, 12 personnel transport vehicles, as well as thermal imaging vehicles and portable thermal imaging cameras and night vision equipment. The police contingent will return to Hungary on September 21.

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Slovakia Deploys 38 New Police Officers to Hungarian-Serbian Border

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He stressed that the Hungarian police are working professionally and are very effective in their task, which is becoming increasingly dangerous, as firearms have been found among illegal migrants and human smugglers.

The result of the last thirteen years, he said, is that Hungary is one of the safest countries in Europe and the world.

We have reduced the number of crimes by a third: from 450-500,000 crimes to about 150-160,000 per year,”

Rétvári concluded.

Around 500 Migrants Try to Cross the Border on a Daily Average
Around 500 Migrants Try to Cross the Border on a Daily Average

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Via Magyar Nemzet, Featured image via Facebook/Magyar Rendőrség

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