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Ikarus Buses on Display at the 20th InnoTrans Exhibition

Hungary Today 2024.06.03.

The twentieth InnoTrans exhibition, scheduled from September 24 to 27 in Berlin, remains a key event in the transportation industry. While traditionally focused on rail, this year’s exhibition will also feature a special section dedicated to buses and coaches, known as the Bus Display, offering test drives.

At the Messe Berlin exhibition center that recently hosted BUS2BUS 2024 in April, InnoTrans will cover the latest advancements in public transport across approximately 40,000 square meters. Exhibits will include vehicles, drive systems, passenger compartment designs, energy-saving air conditioning, and fleet management systems.

According to magyarbusz.info, participating bus manufacturers will showcase their latest innovations.

Ikarus 80E. Photo: ikarus.hu

Among them, China’s BYD will make its debut with three vehicles, while Hungary’s Ikarus will present two pure electric models, including the 120E solo electric bus, the larger variant of the 80E model.

Additionally, Siemens’ pantograph system, optimized for fast charging and named e-Line, will be on display. Roland Fehér, CEO of Ikarus, expressed enthusiasm for InnoTrans as a platform to showcase technical advancements and explore new partnerships.

Ikarus 120E. Photo: ikarus.hu

Other confirmed participants include Arthur Bus, Ebusco, NesoBus, and K-Bus (Kutsenits), specializing in minibus conversions. Daimler Buses products will be showcased in the exhibitors’ pavilion, alongside DB Regio AG’s special electric bus, ShowBus, featuring a comfortable reception area and office workstations.

Visitors can test these vehicles on a 500-meter open-air Demonstration Course.

Ikarus 120E interior. Photo: ikarus.hu

In line with evolving needs and expectations, the exhibition will emphasize electric and hydrogen propulsion. Manufacturers of charging equipment for electric buses, such as Mont-Ele and SBRS, as well as industry suppliers like Ventura Systems, will showcase their products.

The exhibition will also attract numerous service providers, including transportation companies like China Railway, Etihad Rail, and Deutsche Bahn, alongside regional and international operators.


Ikarus is one of the globally recognized Hungarian brands. The factory’s history dates back to the late 1800s, but it gained real recognition in the Comecon (Council for Mutual Economic Assistance) and Western markets in the 1950s and 1960s. From the 1970s to the 1980s, it was one of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers. Following the collapse of the socialist system, the company went through periods of reorganizing and crisis. It was last reorganized in 2018.

Ikarus 55. Photo: Wikipedia

Its legendary models, such as the 55/66, which boasted a futuristic design for its time, won several design awards (designed by György P. Horváth) when first presented. Other notable models were from the 200 series, produced in vast quantities and delivered to almost every continent with various specifications.

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Via magyarbusz.info; Featured Image: ikarus.hu

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