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If National Minorities Disappear, so Will the Majority

MTI-Hungary Today 2024.06.14.

László Kövér, Speaker of the National Assembly, emphasized the need for European sovereignty, asserting that Europe should belong to Europeans. Speaking at the Forum of Hungarian Lawmakers from the Carpathian Basin (KMKF), Mr. Kövér called for the European people’s democratic right to choose between war and peace, control immigration, and decide their social norms.

He criticized the outdated ideological labels of the 19th and 20th centuries, arguing that in the 21st century, these terms have become meaningless. Instead, he posited that the political landscape is now divided into two camps: normality and abnormality.

He stressed that a social majority in favor of normality exists across all EU Member States.

The EU’s future hinges on this social majority achieving political power; otherwise, the Union risks becoming a dictatorship serving external interests.

László Kövér highlighted the role of Hungarian national politics and KMKF in preserving national identities and preventing the descent of the EU into tyranny or anarchy. He urged cooperation with like-minded groups to maintain national sovereignty and the political capacities of Hungarian communities abroad.

László Kövér at the KMKF conference. Photo: MTI / Hegedüs Róbert

Mr. Kövér drew parallels between the plight of Hungarians abroad and potential future threats to Hungarians in the motherland, emphasizing a shared existential law within the Hungarian community. He warned that current trends against Europe’s national minorities could soon affect national majorities, potentially leading to a loss of nation-state sovereignty.

Kövér also addressed recent media attacks on KMKF affiliates abroad, particularly targeting the legitimacy of ethnic politicking.

These attacks, he claimed, were orchestrated by Hungarian editorial offices funded by the “Soros empire,” aiming to demoralize Hungarian voters abroad. He warned against the globalist agenda, seeking to create a United States of Europe by abolishing nation-states and national identities.

According to Mr. Kövér, this agenda threatens European democracy, aiming for total subordination to non-European interests. Financially, it implies indebtedness; economically, deindustrialization and the abolition of agricultural production; culturally, anti-Christianity and various abnormalities; demographically, a population exchange; geopolitically, a buffer zone; and militarily, European manpower in conflicts like the war against Russia.

Kövér concluded by calling for efforts to restore the EU’s original democratic vision, emphasizing that Hungarians must remain resilient regardless of the outcome.

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Via MTI; Featured Image: Facebook / Potápi Árpád János

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