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Iconic Era of Hungarian Rock Music Comes to Life in a Unique Comic Book

MTI-Hungary Today 2023.12.07.
The legendary Hungarian rock band, Omega (Ferenc Debreczeni, János Kóbor, László Benkő, Tamás Mihály, György Molnár L-R)

The history of Hungarian rock music in the ’60s and ’70s is brought to life in a comic book in a new publication.

The first volume of the Hungarian Rock History publication is a unique work presenting the story of the outstanding players of Hungarian rock music, including Metro, Illés, LGT, Omega, Bergendy, Piramis, and Syrius in comic book form.

The publication, bringing to life the stories of the best-known Hungarian bands and rock musicians of the sixties and seventies,

was based on a text by Mihály Kántor, with art direction by Attila Futaki, drawings by Csaba Szabó and Zoltán Fritz, and professional proofreading by Béla Szilárd Jávorszky. The Hungarian Rock History was published by Képes Krónikák Publishing House.

The main sponsor of the book is the Petőfi Cultural Agency, whose aim is to make young people get to know and love the greats of Hungarian rock history and the history-shaping hits of the era through the genre of comics.

In the story, the fictional hero, Karcsi Pallagi, goes from being a fan to becoming a member of an amateur band, and later to becoming a publisher and organizer himself.

The reader is introduced to the greatest musicians of the era and the most important figures of the Hungarian music industry, while important events such as the Festival of dance music (Táncdalfesztivál) and the Miskolc Rock Festival are brought to life in a comic strip.

Omega and LGT in a joint concert in 1980. Photo via Fortepan

The book presents the most important artists of the sixties and seventies, including Gerilla, Bergendy, Béla Radics, Hungaria, Gemini, Kex, Beatrice, LGT, P. Mobil, Skorpió, Piramis, Generál, Fonográf, Metro, Illés, Hobó, Edda, Péter Máté, Zorán, János Bródy, Ferenc Demjén and their associated music stories are presented in a humorous, cartoon style typical of the comic book genre.

Readers can recall the rise of Hungarian rock music, learn about the world of hooligans and fops, the club life of the time, and gain insights into the musical trends that defined the era, such as pol-beat and hard rock.

“We believe that with this comic book we are doing something for the survival of Hungarian rock, for the rediscovery of our local stars who are almost forgotten. We think it is important that this era is known and loved not only by those of us who lived through it, but also by those younger than us,” stressed János Mészáros, the head of Képes Krónikák Publishing House, at the book launch held at the House of Music Hungary.

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