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Hungary Wins World Wine Recognition Championship

Júlia Tar 2021.10.05.

The Hungarian team won this year’s World Wine Recognition Championship in Avignon, southern France, beating Belgium and Spain.

It was a big surprise that Hungary’s team of Attila Aranyos, Levente Molnár, Laura Rabcsánszki, Didier Sánchez, and advisor Krisztina Palágyi won the competition. The team has beaten the tasters from the biggest wine estates.

“I knew we’d be in the top five, but to win the competition, I was the most surprised,”

Attila Aranyos told French magazine Revue des vins de France.

The competition was held for the ninth time this year. This is the first time that Hungary has won the Championnat du monde de dégustation, known as the world championship of wine recognition.

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“Hungary is a very experienced team that has been competing in the championships for a long time,” said Denis Saverot, editorial director of Revue des Vins de France, adding that Hungary has many wine regions and that sweet wine from Tokaj was served at the court of King Louis XIV. The Hungarian team finished fifth last year and in 2018, 12th in 2019, and seventh in 2017.

The contestants have to guess the grape variety, the country, the vintage, and the producer. This year, second place went to Belgium, and Spain came in third. France, who had finished first in the previous two years, was pushed back to sixth place.

Source: Telex

Featured image: illustration via Balázs Mohai/MTI