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President-Elect Novák: ‘Hungary’s Heart Beating at Hungary-Ukraine Border’

MTI-Hungary Today 2022.03.24.

Katalin Novák, the president-elect, said on Thursday that “Hungary’s heart is beating together” with refugees forced to flee their homes in war-torn Ukraine.

Summing up her four-day visit to the Hungary-Ukraine border, Novák said: “We have two armies. One is our armed forces and the other is the community of Hungarian people who are here throughout the day providing their help,” Novák told a press conference in Beregdaróc.

Novák said she had visited twelve localities, observed the operations of six aid organisations and met several local politicians, aid workers and volunteers in the past four days.

She said she also met many refugees “who told me that they thank every Hungarian for their immense help”.

Ukrainian War - President-Elect Novák: "The entire country has mobilized, with everybody wanting to help"
Ukrainian War - President-Elect Novák:

"It is good to see that we now have cooperation not seen in Hungary for a long time," Novák said when visiting the Hungary-Ukraine border, thanking the donors, charity, and religious organizations for their help.Continue reading

“Transcarpathian Hungarians are going through a particularly difficult time,” the president-elect said. “Many have left their homes and many Hungarian kindergartens and schools have had to be closed,” she noted, adding that much needed to be done to ensure that “Hungarian life is preserved in Transcarpathia in the long term”.

Featured photo via Katalin Novák’s Facebook page

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