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More Than 633 Thousand Votes Cast in the Primaries

Júlia Tar 2021.09.29.

The first round of Hungary’s national primaries ended on 28 September. A total of 633 811 people participated in person or online in this round.

The last online voter was registered at 21:15 (9.15 p.m.), the National Election Committee (OEVB) said. 34,192 people turned up at tents to vote in person and there were 25.005 voters online. The latter could register beforehand or during the day of voting. In total, 59,197 people voted during the day.

The Primaries 2021 (Előválasztás 2021) Facebook page also announced the number of valid votes received on Saturday 18 September, before shutdown due to the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. 4.008 voters cast their ballots in the tents and 803 people voted via the internet. This means that a total of 4,811 people could cast a valid vote.

Cybersecurity Expert: A Series of Attacks Against Primaries Was Carried Out
Cybersecurity Expert: A Series of Attacks Against Primaries Was Carried Out

"The most important result of the investigation is that it proves beyond any doubt that a series of attacks against the infrastructure that also serves the pre-selection was carried out," the opposition announced.Continue reading

The National Election Committee also announced that the votes are counted today, in 20 different locations simultaneously. The counting begins at 9 a.m. nationally, with the counting commissioners being trained for the first hour and the counting itself starting after that.

The first results will be available in the early afternoon, and a member of the OEVB will announce the final results in a live video on the official Facebook page of the Primaries, HVG reports.

Featured image via András Farkas/aHang/Előválasztás 2021’s Facebook page