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More Money Raised From 1% Donations Than a Year Ago

Júlia Tar 2021.09.18.

The amount of the 1% donations to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) was HUF 900 million (EUR 256,000) higher this year than in 2020, reports nonprofit.hu.

The National Ambulance Service Foundation was again the organization that received the most, and even managed to top up last year’s amount. This year, they received HUF 308,239,867 (EUR 877,239).

Government Revokes Controversial NGO Law
Government Revokes Controversial NGO Law

Following an EU Court ruling and the Commission’s infringement procedure, the Fidesz-led government eventually backed off, revoking the law it had brought against foreign-funded NGOs back in 2017. However, from now on the State Audit Office (ÁSZ) will be in charge of reporting on virtually all large organizations, something that further concerns the civil organizations […]Continue reading

It is good news that there is a halt to the decline seen in previous years, and even a slight increase in the number of declarations sent in favor of NGOs, with 1.66 million people, some 40,000 more than in previous years, taking up the opportunity. The number of beneficiary NGOs is 28,241, almost 300 more than last year. The average number of supporters per NGO was 59.

Online Income Tax Contributions to Charities Up 10 % in 2021
Online Income Tax Contributions to Charities Up 10 % in 2021

Some 1.2 million taxpayers in Hungary used the tax returns system to donate one percent of their income tax to charities or churches this year.Continue reading

The top 20 organizations benefiting from the 1% provision in 2021 (in descending order by amount) can be viewed here.

Featured photo illustration by Zoltán Máthé/MTI