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First Lady: Foundation for Coronavirus Orphans to Offer Long-Term Support

MTI-Hungary Today 2021.10.04.

The Regőczi Foundation set up by President János Áder and First Lady Anita Herczegh will provide long-term and personalized support to children orphaned by the coronavirus, the First Lady said on Sunday.

Speaking after attending mass at the Regőczi Chapel in Vác, north of Budapest, Herczegh, who is the head of the foundation’s board of trustees, said work was ongoing on the criteria system for providing help to orphans, adding that the Regőczi Foundation would also work together with other institutions and foundations.

“There are many tragic stories, and over the past year and a half we’ve often felt helpless and that we have no control over how things turn out,” the First Lady said in her speech.

The foundation set up earlier this year was named after István Regőczi, a Catholic priest who took care of orphaned children throughout his life in the interwar period.

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Herczegh said Regőczi’s life had been about taking action to overcome problems. “It’s not enough to feel sorry and deep sympathy,” she said, adding that “nothing is impossible if there is unity”.

Featured photo illustration by Zsolt Zih/MTI