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Gov’t Gives Employers Right to Make Vaccination Compulsory for Employees

Hungary Today 2021.10.28.

The government has decided to give employers the right to require vaccination against Covid-19 as a precondition of employment in order to ensure workers’ safety, the prime minister’s chief of staff said on Thursday at his regular press briefing.

The government has made a U-turn regarding compulsory vaccination. Up until now, vaccination was mandatory only for healthcare workers, arguing that Hungarians would not “stomach” mandatory vaccination. But from now on, employers can make vaccination compulsory for their emloyees. According to PMO head Gergely Gulyás, the state, as an employer, will also apply the measure. Mayors will also have the right to introduce the requirement at local councils.

The regulation will apply to the first two vaccinations. The first vaccination must be received by December 15th.

If a person does not want to be vaccinated, they will be sent on unpaid leave, and after a year they can be dismissed. Only health reasons can provide exemption from the rule.

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Featured photo illustration by János Vajda/MTI