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What do the Anna Ball and Teqball Have in Common?

Hungary Today 2024.03.23.
Riders pass underneath a traditional Sekler gate

Seven national values received the Hungarikum Award, while two public media programs received the Hungarikum Liget Media Award at the IV. Hungarikum Awards Gala on Thursday evening at the Petőfi Theatre in Veszprém.

In his speech, Tibor Navracsics, Minister of Public Administration and Regional Development, stressed that Hungarikums, which represent a uniquely Hungarian and Central European value, preserve us and can be seen as a connecting link. They refer to Hungarianness in a historical sense, they are not only characteristic of the past, but also represent a set of values that are expressed in the hope of a better future, he said.

Awardees of the Hungarikum Liget Média prize. MTI/Vasvári Tamás


Traditional langos with toppings. Photo: Facebook/Retro Lángos Budapest

Zsolt V. Németh, the Prime Minister’s Commissioner for the Hungarian way of life and the protection of our national values, said that “we look at Hungarism with love and with a perpetual commitment”. Our values help us find our place in the world, they help us to show ourselves. They set an example and inspire us,” he added.

Traditional chifforobe worn by Hungarian cattle herders. Photo: wikimedia

The aim of the Hungarikum Committee was to showcase our cultural treasures to Europe, hence at the IV. Hungarikum Awards Gala, prizes were awarded for the Hungarian chifforobe (magyar cifraszűr), the lángos, the Bratislava bun (Pozsonyi kifli), the Anna Ball in Balatonfüred, the Sekler Gate, teqball as a sport and the lace from Hövej.

The famous Anna Ball. Photo: Facebook Bóka István


The Hungarikum Liget Media Award was given to the Kossuth Radio’s Country Touring program and to the staff of Duna Television and Duna World’s film series “Tasty Bites”. The program “Országjáró” has been broadcast on Kossuth Radio since 2018, and every week it gives listeners the opportunity to explore the special places of the Hungarian people living in the Carpathian Basin, and to gain insights into the cultural, architectural and gastronomic heritage of the region. Since 2007, Duna Television and Duna World channel have been broadcasting a series of informative, cross-country films in which the creators present in detail the local flavors and gastronomic specialities, as well as the settlements they visit.

Teqball Photo: Wikimedia

The Hungarikum Media Prize was founded by the Vice President of the National Assembly and recognizes the work of media, editorial offices and broadcasters who do a lot to promote the Hungarikum movement.

Lace from Hölvej. Photo: Facebook Höveji Csipke Múzeum


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