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Hungarians Should Be Able to Decide Who They Want to Live with, Urges Viktor Orbán

Hungary Today 2024.06.14.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was a guest on Kossuth Radio’s Good Morning, Hungary! program on Friday morning. The head of government gave an update on the latest government decisions, assessed the European Parliament and local elections, and referred to the European Court of Justice ruling against Hungary, Magyar Nemzet reports.

“The Brussels bubble is full of Soros people. Soros has a plan to bring a million migrants into Europe every year and create a mixed continent,” Viktor Orbán claimed in connection with yesterday’s ruling by the EU Court of Justice.

He continued,

our country has a dispute with Brussels and Hungary insists that Hungarians should decide who they want to live with.”

As for the EU’s intention to punish Hungary by withholding EU funds, “Hungary will have an answer to that too.” He noted that “the Hungarian people expect politicians to speak clearly and tell the truth. In Hungary, thieves’ cant is punishable in politics, but in Brussels they speak only in this way. It is not our world that is there.” He stressed the need to “defend our values in an environment that is culturally hostile.”

Commenting on his talks with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Wednesday, he said that they had reached “a very important and positive agreement.” We are making a significant contribution to NATO for our size, which is recognized. “But 32 member states want to defeat the Russians and they think that the way to end the war is for the Ukrainians to win,” he said. “The point is that NATO is directly involved in training the Ukrainian soldiers going to the front,” the Prime Minister explained.

We got everything we wanted in return for a commitment not to veto the launch of the mission in Washington.”

“There are countries in the region who are heading towards war, Poles and Romanians are committed, Slovaks are cautious, and we will stay out of it,” he added.

Viktor Orbán stressed that three days after the elections, it was much easier to negotiate to stay out of the Ukraine mission. He recalled that during the campaign, many people asked how this would be done, and he said that it would be done in exactly the same way as now.

PM Orbán after the Elections: "We have just been in a battle that we won"
PM Orbán after the Elections:

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On election day, two governments failed: the French and the Belgian, and the German Chancellor’s party came third, which is unprecedented. This means, in Orbán’s opinion, that if European leaders do not take the side of peace, they will fail.

We have already slowed down the train to war, Europe has bought time,”

the Prime Minister said. He believes that if Trump is re-elected U.S. president in November, peace can be achieved in the longer term.

Orbán was asked about his meeting with Donald Trump Jr. yesterday. In his reply, he jokingly said that being an American is not easy. “America is one of the safest countries in the world, so they have virtually no sense of danger,” he noted. “Trumpist Americans believe that aid will not lead to a Ukrainian victory and therefore oppose the war. This is a slightly different view from ours, but it leads to the same result, a ceasefire.”

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Donald Trump Jr.:

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Via Magyar Nemzet, Featured image: MTI/Miniszterelnöki Sajtóiroda/Fischer Zoltán

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