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Hungarian Students Get into World’s Best Universities

Hungary Today 2022.01.13.

Several Hungarian students got into the world’s most prestigious universities’ in 2021, namely MIT, Yale, and Tsinghua University.

The latest news about a Hungarian student getting into a famous university came in December. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) published the list of those who have been admitted to the university, including ELTE Apáczai János High School student, Saracco Lucio, selected for the class of 2022. Lucio’s international achievements include a silver medal at the International Chemistry Olympiad and a bronze medal at the Mendeleev Chemistry Olympiad.

Hungarian Students Win Three Medals at Geography Olympiad
Hungarian Students Win Three Medals at Geography Olympiad

Lili Csada won gold, the second in the Hungarian team's history,Continue reading

Bendegúz Dörnyei, a student at Illyés Gyula High School in Budaörs who graduated last year, has been accepted to Yale University. Dörnyei told Telex:

It took many years of work, hundreds of hours of application time, failures, but it all paid off in the end. In addition to getting in, I also managed to get the maximum scholarship, almost 98%, which means $86,300 for next year.”

Of the many prestigious universities, he applied to Yale because of its flexible education system. “After a year of undergraduate studies, I have the time to decide which major to pursue,” he explained. “Moreover, you don’t have to give up any ambitions, because, in addition to being very supportive of your major, you can take courses of a different nature and have the resources to do so.”

Hungarian Students Show Academic Excellence at Math and Science Olympiads
Hungarian Students Show Academic Excellence at Math and Science Olympiads

Subjects included biology, physics, chemistry, and mathematics. Hungarian teams won medals from all four Olympiads.Continue reading

Ádám Halkó is a graduate student in MSc in Neuroscience at University College London, UCL, who was selected from thousands of applicants for the Schwarzman program. He will use the scholarship to study in Beijing next year. Schwarzman Scholars is a collaboration between Asia’s most prestigious university, Tsinghua University, and other leading universities such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Oxford, and Cambridge, and is the second time that a Hungarian student has been accepted into the program, with scholars coming from 85 different countries.

Our lecturers and mentors often include the world’s leading politicians and CEOs of the biggest companies,”

Ádám Halkó wrote to Eduline.

Featured image: Yale University via Pixabay