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Hungarian President: “True freedom is not having to go along with the mainstream”

MTI-Hungary Today 2022.09.28.

On Monday, during the seventh day of her visit to the United States, Hungarian President Katalin Novák spoke about the protection of human life, support for families, and true freedom, based on Hungarian family policy and her own conservative values at the Benedictine College Christian University in Kansas.

In her lecture, the head of state made a special point regarding what “true freedom” means to her and how to achieve it. Part of this, she said, is that “no one should have to go along with the mainstream,” so that they have a choice and can speak, think, and live truly freely.

True freedom also means knowing that one is not the only creature, but exists in community, which shows that the individual is not the goal, but must also respect other members of the community and be free to respect others, she added.

Speaking about the protection of human life, the president stressed that everything starts with education, which shows the beauty of human life and also teaches where human life begins. As an example of the steps taken in Hungary, she said that pregnant women planning to have an abortion must attend two counselling sessions to consider the decision, which is also about a human life. Novák added that the possibility of accessing state family allowances during pregnancy was an important measure, and that Hungary had also sped up adoption procedures.

Another important aspect of Hungarian family policy is financial support for families, and she pointed out that 6.2 percent of Hungary’s GDP is currently earmarked for this purpose.

In her speech to university lecturers and students, the head of state quoted the provisions of the Hungarian constitution on families, which stipulate that marriage is between a man and a woman, and that the mother is a woman and the father a man.

In response to questions from the students, the President also spoke about the Hungarian Child Protection Act, saying that parents have the primary responsibility for the upbringing of their children, and as she put it, “we must show respect for our children.” In addition, the legislation was aimed at drawing attention to the so-called woke and LGBTQ propaganda, which in the words of the head of state, is not about respect for the other, but the opposite, that “they do not respect our children.”

Hungarian President Warns against 'Woke' Culture in California
Hungarian President Warns against 'Woke' Culture in California

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At the end of the lecture, Novák received the Benedictine College Award named after Pope John Paul II from the President of the Benedictine College, Stephen D. Minnis.

Novák concluded her visit to the United States on Tuesday, during which she spoke at the Franciscan University in Ohio on the principles of Hungarian family policy, related government measures, supportive and encouraging measures, and the right to free choice.

In the discussion that followed her presentation, Novák said that

Hungary’s position is crystal clear in its condemnation of Russian aggression in Ukraine and its support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity, while at the same time seeking a pragmatic relationship with Russia to maintain the functioning of its society and economy, which needs Russian oil and gas.

Novák also attended a wreath-laying ceremony at the statue of Lajos Kossuth in Cleveland on Tuesday afternoon, and then took part in a session of the Artúr Görgey scout troop at the St. Imre Catholic Church in Cleveland, and spoke at the church’s ceremony, where she summed up her week and a half visit to the US.

After two years of a very difficult pandemic, Novák asked the Hungarian-American community to do their utmost to strengthen their communities again, not to give up the importance, beauty, and opportunities of physical togetherness, as this is how they can help young people to ensure that the door to Hungary never closes.

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