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New Movement to Give Personal Income Tax Refund to Charity

Hungary Today 2022.02.07.

In February 2022, everyone with children gets a refund of the personal income tax they paid in 2021. The aim of the Továbbadó movement is to ensure that NGOs that otherwise have very little access to funding can also benefit from these grants.

In mid-February 2022, around 1.5 million taxpayers eligible for the family allowance will receive a refund of up to HUF 809,000 (almost EUR 2,300) of their personal income tax paid in 2021.

Továbbadó, which was launched by computer scientist Márton Fernezelyi, and sociologist Luca Váradi, write on their website:

Of course, there are many people who will use this money back in the family coffers, but we hope that there are also those who will spend some (or all) of it on charity.”

They also write: “The taxes we pay are all of our shared money. If, as parents of children, we get our full annual personal income tax back this year, we will be missing out on money from places where it was badly needed.” Továbbadó adds that it is not easy to decide where to donate money; therefore, they suggest the website Adjukössze.hu to look at possible charities. Továbbadó mentions that while “there have been rumors about the refund, suggesting that this could mean the loss of the 1% donations for this year,” this is not true.


All individuals in Hungary are entitled to donate from their personal income tax.

  • 1% to a registered civil beneficiary
  • an additional 1% to a recognized church with a tax number.

Továbbadó also has a Facebook page where they introduce people who are choosing to donate the money and share which organizations they pick.

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