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Hungarian Opposition Primaries Conclude with 662,000 Voting in Second Round

Hungary Today 2021.10.17.

The final round of the opposition primaries was concluded Saturday evening. The winner, DK’s Klára Dobrev or Péter Márki Zay of Everyone’s Hungary Movement, will be the Prime Ministerial candidate of the opposition parties’ coalition against Fidesz’s Viktor Orbán in next year’s elections.

The opposition primaries have brought forward noticeable voter participation in Hungary’s electorate. After one week of voting, a total of 662,000 people cast their ballots. The last day saw a record tournout with 30,035 voting online and 88,380 in person.

The number of new voters also grew. Almost 220,000 people who did not vote in the first round participated in the second.

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Press Roundup: Opposition Frontrunners Clash in Third Televised Debate

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Voting closed at 7 pm for in-person ballots, while online voting continued for those who were still queued up at 8 pm. Ballots from all locations were sent to Budapest, where they are being counted all day Sunday.

According to the organizers, the result of the second round of the primaries would be revealed on Sunday evening.