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Hungarian Minister Talks Texan, According to Dallas Express

Hungary Today 2023.07.19.

Justice Minister Judit Varga was on an official visit in Dallas, Texas on Monday and Tuesday, where she gave interviews to two local news outlets. Dallas Express, The People’s Paper has published an exclusive interview with her on Wednesday.

The incumbent Minister of Justice, resigning at the end of this month to pursue more active roles in the upcoming elections (chairing the position of the European Affairs Committee in the National Assembly, and expected to be heading the list for the European elections of government-party FIDESZ next year) stated on her social media site that she was in Dallas to build new alliances.

She met with the head of Our Lady of Dallas Cistercian Abbey, presenting the Reverend Father with a Knight’s Cross.

Dallas Cistercian Abbot Presented with Hungarian State Award
Dallas Cistercian Abbot Presented with Hungarian State Award

When the communist dictatorship confiscated the property of the Cistercian abbey in Hungary and expelled many members from the country, the monks who had fled to the United States helped found the Our Lady of Dallas Cistercian Abbey.Continue reading

She next paid a visit to the Hungarian Club of Dallas.

On her trip, she met with President of the University of Dallas, Mr Jonathan J. Sanford, about which she commented on Facebook as follows:

“The University of Dallas brings together what is separated in many other institutions in higher education. It seeks to both preserve traditional values and open itself to innovation, combining classical learning with modern research. This is the philosophy we are following in Hungary with the model change. It was therefore

a great pleasure to meet today and discuss the defense of our common conservative values with President of the University, Mr. Jonathan J. Sanford. Thank you for the invitation!”

In her interview with Dallas Express, she is quoted as saying: “We need to make friendships, we need to get to know each other and find common ground. There might be differences when it comes to details, but when it comes to the real principles, then I think we can find common ground.”

On the similarities she saw between Hungary and Texas politics, she noted:

We believe in family, we believe in national sovereignty, we don’t think that mass illegal migration is a good thing for our future, et cetera.”

On the issue of mass migration, Varga said, “I just would like to add, we are human beings. We are Christians. We have hearts, and we know there’s a real asylum situation and refugee situation.”

Since the outbreak of the war, we let in more than 1.5 million real asylum seekers from Ukraine,”

she elaborated. “We provide them all the healthcare and every kind of treatment, accommodation, travel, logistical possibilities, whatever they need.”

“So there is a real difference,” she concluded, reemphasizing the distinction between true asylum seekers and economic opportunists.

Judit Varga talks to Texas Insider reporters Lynn Woolley and Jim Cardle. Photo: Facebook/Varga Judit

The politician also met and talked to reporters of the Texas Insider, followed by the representatives of Texas’ leading conservative foundation, the Texas Public Policy Foundation, in Austin.

“Thousands of kilometers apart, but the United States and Hungary face the same problems: migration, gender, and the ongoing attacks on traditional Christian values. But we Hungarians have well-proven, working solutions to every challenge, about which I spoke in more details today to the online newspaper Dallas Express,” she summed up on her social media page.
To read the full interview, click here.
Featured image: Facebook/Varga Judit

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