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Hungarian Laureates Donate Printer and Pipette to Nobel Prize Museum

Hungary Today 2023.12.08.
Nobel Prize Laureate Katalin Karikó

Traditionally, each laureate donates a piece of personal memorabilia to the Nobel Prize Museum. This year’s Nobel Prize winners, including Katalin Karikó and Ferenc Krausz, presented their donations to the Stockholm museum on Wednesday.

The museum’s curator Ulf Larsson said that

Katalin Karikó donated her favorite pipette to the museum.

The pipette is one of the most commonly used laboratory tools. The donated instrument – which also has an adhesive tape to distinguish it from others – is symbolic of Karikó’s work.

Ferenc Krausz, who will receive the Nobel Prize in Physics on Sunday, donated

a central piece from equipment he used for his research.

However, it was previously disassambled in the lab and is now being rebuilt to be sent to the museum at a later date.

Ferenc Krausz. Photo: Nobel Prize

According to Larsson, the most interesting piece received this year is a gift from Karikó’s research partner and award-winning co-author, American microbiologist Drew Weissman. He gave them a 3D-printed model of a photocopier, as the

two researchers met because they both wanted to use the same machine.

The objects from this year’s winners will be on display for a year, but the museum is working on a new exhibition that will also include a selection of previous donations. However, they cannot display all the objects at once due to lack of space.

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Via: kultura.hu; Featured Image: Twitter / Karikó Katalin

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