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Hungarian Innovation Could Make Vitamin Consumption More Effective

Hungary Today 2023.11.08.

A home-grown product has been developed to make vitamin intake easier in a way never seen before, writes Világgazdaság. Unlike a pill, one of the biggest advantages of Viola gel vitamins is that they release much less excess additives in the body, while absorption starts on the oral mucosa.

The gel vitamin, developed in Hungary, facilitates vitamin absorption in an unprecedented way. Thanks to Novotic’s innovative manufacturing technology, taking Viola gel vitamins is more convenient not only for children, but also for the elderly. The four vitamin products are now available on pharmacy shelves, and the development was co-invested by Hungarian billionaire Levente Balogh, well-known from the Hungarian version of the American business show, Shark Tank.

Unlike a pill, the unquestionable advantage of a gel vitamin is that they release much less excess additives in the body and absorption starts earlier.

The Hungarian innovation will initially offer four products in the vitamin and food supplement market:

  • Magnesium + vitamin B6
  • Vitamin C with rosehip
  • a joint protector
  • a multivitamin.

However, the range will not stop there: in the future, it will be continuously expanded, with 40 different products soon to be available, including cranberry, turmeric, collagen, and prenatal vitamins.

It is unknown why ‘Paris’ is written on the packaging. Products are made in Dunaharaszti (near Budappest). Photo via Facebook/Viola’Paris

The main difference between this domestic development and others is that it not only contains minimal excipients compared to capsules and tablets, but is also flavor-free (no coloring, sugar, lactose, or gluten). The effectiveness of vitamin absorption also depends on how vitamins are taken, because while capsules and pills are several grams, the vitamin or mineral they contain is only some milligrams.

The innovative product will soon be available in our neighboring countries: Slovakia, Romania, and the Czech Republic.

The development is aimed at a worldwide switch to the gel vitamin formula. The biggest advantage of the Hungarian-developed product range is that it offers vitamins in liquid form that are essential for strengthening the immune system.


The role of vitamins in promoting good health and preventing disease is currently gaining recognition. Daily iron and folate intake should be higher in women than in men, while lower total intake of vitamins A, B, E, K, and zinc are based on body size, and recommendations are usually lower in women compared to men. Adequate daily intake can be achieved through a balanced diet for most nutrients and vitamins. Exceptions are the need for supplementation of most vitamins and folate in pregnant women and for vitamin D and calcium in older individuals and during the winter.

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